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Diary · of · a · worthless · piece · of · shit · whore

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To all of you who added me, or made comments, I'm SO sorry!

When HE found out that I made a Livejournal, HE was very angry!

He kept me in my cage for FOUR WEEKS!  I was only allowed to leave to use the toilet (or to be a toilet!)

But I can still keep the Livejournal... I just have to promise to drink his piss every morning when he first wakes up (which I love to do!  He's been sleeping all night and doesn't feel like getting up right away to take a piss!  So I do him the favor and drink it right from his cock!  It's nice and yellow and warm, and it makes my belly feel good all over!)

So I'm out of my cage now, and ready to respond to everyone!  So sorry!


* * *
I remember the first time it happened... I was actually really surprised.  Daddy was on top of me, fucking me missionary, and I finally felt the indescribable pleasure of him ejaculating inside of me.  Afterwords, he still stayed on top of me for a minute, with all his weight on me, holding my arms above my head.  I opened my mouth to thank him for cumming inside of me, and he spit into my mouth before I could even talk.  I smiled and licked my lips.  I could feel his cock going soft in my pussy, it was a very strange sensation.  Then the strangest thing happened... I felt a very warm, powerful stream of liquid filling me up.  It took me a minute to realize that Daddy was taking a piss in my pussy!  He held me down tight, so I wouldn't move... but I wasn't going to.  I was honored that he would want to use me as his personal toilet!  When he was done, he got up off of me and I realized that all the piss had flowed back out of me and was all over the bed.  "Looks like you've got quite a mess to clean up, slut,"  he said as he left the room to go take a shower.
* * *
One of my daily duties is to clean Daddy's ass with my tongue.  This is one my favorite parts of the day!  He kneels down, facing the bed, and lays down on it on his stomach, so he's nice and comfy and his beautiful ass is sticking out, with his asshole exposed to my eager mouth.  Sometimes he takes a shit first and doesn't wipe with toilet paper, so I get an extra treat to lick up!  I must admit, at first I was scared to lick Daddy's asshole, I thought it would taste bad, but now I know better.  First of all, it turns me on to degrade myself in order to please Daddy.  Also, every part of his body and everything that comes out of it is beautiful, including his asshole and any shit that happens to be lingering around it.  I have to caress the area slowly with my tongue, gently licking the hole itself until it is nice and clean.  I usually spend 15 to 20 minutes just going over and over Daddy's asshole with my tongue. 

By the time I'm done, Daddy is always really hard.  He stands up and I get down on my knees in front of him so I can get to work on his balls.  I lift his cock up gently so I can lick and suck his gorgeous testicles.  He tells me I'm a worthless whore and I get really wet.  Sometimes he pulls my hair and slaps me if I'm not doing a good enough job.  It's such a turn on to be abused by my Daddy!  After I've spent a few minutes on his balls, he grabs my head and shoves his cock down my throat.  After thrusting my head up and down so his cock gets shoved in and out of my mouth rapidly, he holds me tight and crams it into my throat so I can't breathe.  Daddy loves gagging me with his cock, and I love it too!  It makes me so horny that I can't help but touch myself, but if I do Daddy slaps me really hard across the face. 

I have pretty big breasts for a girl my size, and sometimes Daddy likes to tug on them while jerking off onto my face.  The other day, though, he didn't cum on my face, but deliberately came on the floor.  I knew I had to be a good girl and lick up the cum so it wouldn't go to waste.  As I went down to the floor to lick up the delicious sperm, Daddy stepped on the back of my head and shoved my face down into the carpet!  As he was doing this, he started spanking my ass... HARD.  It made me so horny!  Even though he was pushing down on my head with his foot, I still managed to lick up all the cum.  I'm a good girl, and I'll do whatever it takes to be a good girl.  Daddy was very pleased with me and let me finger my clit to get myself off.  I love my Daddy so much!
* * *